Body products that helped me survive the winter of 2011-2012

With the onset of cold weather, my skin on the body from the waist to the heels becomes mega dry. Body milk improves the condition for a couple of hours, I use them only from April to November, and in winter a more saturated cream and oils help me. Takes part in the post The Body Shop Almond Body Butter, which is not in the main photo.
1.The Body Shop Almond Body Butter - Sweet Almond Body Butter Cream
Photos from the Internet, as I used it in the winter of 2010-2011. and threw the packaging away.
For me it is more a cream, not an oil. The cream is not bad with a pleasant and not intrusive odor, it is well distributed throughout the body and softens the skin for the whole day. I helped survive the winter, but there were some disadvantages. Firstly, when you wash, this cream on the body becomes soapy and does not wash off well. Secondly, although it softens the skin and eliminates the feeling of tightening, but peeling remains. In the second place in the composition after water is glycerin, but I do not really respect him.
Assessment - 4. Price - about 500 rubles.
2. Ahava Stress Melt Butter Salt - A relaxing oil with dead sea salts.
A wonderful thing! This peeling, scrub and oil in one bottle. There are grains of Dead Sea salt in this oil. If applied to wet skin and rub, then the salt first acts as a scrub, and then as a peeling. For my skin, a very tangible effect. And it’s also remarkable that after you do not need to apply the cream, the skin after peeling is already soft and moisturized. I use about 1-2 times a week. But if there are scratches or irritation on the body or hands, then it is not possible to use it. terribly pinching.
Score - 5. Price - I do not know, a gift.
3. Au Lait Body Butter - Body Cream.
The cream is white in color, spreads well on the skin, the smell is chemical, located in a heavy glass jar. The appearance of this cream is mannered, but the composition, in my opinion, is poor. My skin also decided the same. At first it was nice to use it, but after 3 weeks I noticed that when I run my hand over my legs, I feel some tiny pimples. Looked closely, it was clogged pores! Now I use this cream sometimes on the heels and elbows. I bring the composition of this "miracle" cream.
Assessment - 1. Price - I do not know, a gift. Sold in a network of stores "For the soul and soul"
4. TreetS Body Butter - Body Butter 200ml.

This is really butter. It is thick, white, the smell is not intrusive, it is almost not felt on the body. He is my favorite! It meets absolutely all my requirements: it softens the skin well, not oily, not soapy. After applying the oil, the skin is smooth, without peeling. It’s only hard to distribute, but it’s natural because the oil is very thick. 200 ml. I had enough for 5 months of almost daily use. I’ll definitely buy it.
Score - 5. Price - I do not remember, but up to 500 rubles. for sure. Sold in a network of stores "For the soul and soul"
5. The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask - Vitamin E Moisturizing Mask
But with this mask I have an unusual story. Reviews about the mask are not very good, the composition is not so hot, but I bought myself I do not know why. I needed a moisturizing mask and I grabbed it. I tried to put it on my face a couple of times, nothing good happened: it’s kind of sticky on my face, it’s not nice, it nips, there’s no effect, the pores after it are enlarged. For the face is absolutely not suitable. But I feel sorry for throwing out, I thought, thought and put on my legs from the thigh to the ankle. And lo and behold, this mask gave an excellent result: it was quickly absorbed, not of any stickiness, the skin is soft, moisturized, not a single peel, and this is with my super-mega dry skin. She used it regularly 2-3 times a week. Will definitely buy again.
Assessment: for the face - 1, for my legs - 5. Price - about 500 rubles.

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