NYX in my makeup bag

1.Full product name in English:NYX Glitter on the Go # 03, 08
The photo:
Swatch: Right 08, Left 03

Detailed opinion: Hue 03: overflow from white to violet, 08: from violet to green. Hue 08 is brighter in front of your eyes, 03 looks much calmer ... Spangles shimmer beautifully in the sun and under artificial lighting. I put on an eyelid instead of shadows or on a shadow. Spent economically, the jars are endless. I don’t even know how to use them at all.
Cost: about 5 dollars
2.Full product name in English: NYX Candy Glitter Liner 02 Disco Queen
The photo:
Swatch: Top eyeliner is applied on a black pencil, bottom - without substrate

Detailed opinion: Eyeliner smells very good caramel) On my eyelids keeps all day, not showered. Sequins are medium in size. I put in 2 layers without a black pencil, with black - in one. Before that, I had Ffleur glitter eyeliner, I had to apply it in more than 2 layers to achieve intensity. I liked NYX more.
Cost: 4,5 dollars

Watch the video: Open NYX Makeup Case (April 2020).