Help I am looking for a liquid eyeliner with a brush

Good afternoon, girls.
I really need your help. I am now in search of a liquid eyeliner with a brush tip (not felt, not felt-tip pen and certainly not just a jar). The eyeliner should be black, not waterproof, with a brush of medium thickness, without sparkles. I count on your help.

After reading to the Beautician, I identified a favorite for myself - eyeliner ArtDeco High Precision Liquid Liner 01:

But, as luck would have it, in St. Petersburg, these cosmetics can no longer be found. In Letual, I did not find her among the remnants, and nothing else will be imported there. Very sad…
Without losing my spirit, I turned to the consultants of the IDB network. I was very inspired to recommend Guerlain eyeliner:

I did not succumb to their persuasion and decided to first read what they write about her at the Beautician. How disappointed I was that for that kind of money I would get an eyeliner that fades over time, cracking and with all its “chic” volume has a shelf life of only 6 months. Again disappointment and new searches ...
And here is the third candidate that I found recently, thanks to the post of MaXiMuM here.
Eyeliner Dior Style Liner Intense Liquid Eyeliner 094:

But the review on it is only 1 and I am again at a loss. I want to hear recommendations and advice from the owners of these products and those who can advise their "favorites." I only have 2 weeks to find my eyeliner before the holidays. You can offer both a luxury (but not very expensive), and a mass market, I will listen to all the tips.
Thank you, Ksenia.

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