Essence oil control paper

Hello girls)
Recently, I suddenly ran out of matting napkins, and after the usual Kanebo, which I used for 2 years, it was just too lazy to go. And Stockmann, here he is, right in the next house and Essence was available, so I didn’t have to choose that much)
And you know what I'll tell you? These are perfectly normal wipes. Of course, not Kanebo, but I don’t see any direct fundamental difference between them. Absorb fat just as well and completely do not lubricate makeup.
But there are cons, yes.
Firstly, the size of the leaves is slightly smaller than Kanebo, for this reason they leave me 2 times faster. After all, instead of the usual 1-2, I use 3-4.
Secondly, the paper of the leaflets is very flimsy and can tear if you apply a little more effort than required.
Thirdly, it is of course design. In my opinion, it’s terrible) And the box itself is made of cheap cardboard, which after 5-6 days in a cosmetic bag has already been disheveled in the corners.
From the pros I can highlight:
packing size. Just a lovely size! fit into any clutch
As I already wrote, they absorb moisture well and do not smear makeup, I use them like Kanebo once a day, more often I don’t need
Well, the price.
Although, this is a very, very controversial issue. Look, this pack costs about 80-90 rubles, but it has 50 leaves. And Kanebo costs about 360 rubles, but in the package of 100 pieces. That is, 100 Essence leaflets will cost you exactly half the price of Kanebo. But) Kanebo needs 2 times less to get his face wet. those. the difference in price is almost erased.
My rating is Essence 4. Normal wipes, you can use, but there are better. and not much more expensive
period of use: about three weeks

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