Gourmet flavors for fall / winter

Girls, good evening to all!
I was puzzled by the choice of perfume for the cold season. I want something sweet, edible, warm. And not commonplace! Namely - selectors)))
The other day I listened to Vanilla (I do not remember the exact name) from Serge Lutens. On a piece of paper I liked it sooooooo so unusual vanilla with bitterness. But on the skin it smells like plastic Prada Candy. Very upset.
Then I tested almost everything from Joe Malon. I took an orange blossom, but did not find anything sweet and warm there.
Now I plan to take a closer look at Montal. Maybe you can tell what to listen to him?
Or other brands?
Once again I add that I really respect vanilla, not too floral aromas (always with a sweet note). But the spices somehow do not really like ...
In general, I want something very tasty)))
Thanks in advance for the answers!

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