And not lost. Varnish Sil Vadora # 14

Good day, beauties!
I bought this varnish at the beginning of my lacquering. Immediately make a reservation the varnishes of this company have never seen before, so I was led solely by color. Lakov took three. And only this one in my opinion turned out to be truly worthy of my attention.

The full name of the varnish Sil Vadora # 14
The form varnish is very similar to the form of all of us beloved bottle Orly. Fortunately, the quality of this baby did not disappoint.
Weight The manufacturer poured 12 ml there. Although honestly looking at this bottle, I didn’t really see such a volume.
For comparison, I specially made this photo. Perhaps this is a visual fraud, but it seems to me that there is less ...
By the way, here is the similarity of appearance to you without clones ... Eh ...

Texture creamy. Very ductile and quite dense. Two coatings are sufficient for color accuracy.
-Not strip, not naughty.
- It is put easily.
-Very fast drying. I didn’t detect it, but I think for 20 minutes both layers dried perfectly.
Colour. At first I saw him gray. In principle, without the sun, he is. But in the sun or in the evening plays multi-colored dark shimmers. In my opinion it does not look cheap. In the varnish there is a shimmer. Clear silver, but in sunlight, the shimmer starts playing in gold too. In short, I have something with eyesight, or I don’t understand what was mixed there. Judge for yourself.
I shot it specially in different conditions, so that you can better see it.
By the way, the varnish was made in Yaroslavl. Before buying it, I did not know that there was established the production of varnishes.
A trifle, but nice
And now swatch:

It is worn well. Three days for sure. Then he begins to crawl neatly from the ends.
Test period: year
Rating: 5
Price: 30 rubles, but I was afraid that fingernails would slip, but the natural female curiosity prevailed!
And did not lose by the way

Girls All love and good mood!
Your lala.
P.S. I changed the shape of the nails. What do you think?